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About Us

The Nazhia brand came out of a love for nature and its potential to heal, restore and rejuvenate. Inspired by our passion to promote healthy beauty routines and reconnect people back to nature, we’ve managed to raise the bar in the creation of high quality cosmetics made from down to earth ingredients. Our cosmetics are handcrafted to help people enhance their natural inner beauty without compromising on the finest quality ingredients.

At Nazhia, we design high performing, luxurious cosmetics made from ingredients that are harmless to us and our environment. We believe it is about redefining cosmetics as a powerful instrument for self-expression, making a personal statement and boosting self-confidence. Our products are designed for people who want to look their best without hiding their true self.

Our best quality skin and hair nourishing ingredients provide you with all you need to glow and feel wonderful all day. We are very meticulous in searching for the finest and most natural formulas when designing our cosmetics, strictly avoiding harsh chemicals such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and sulphates because we know how hazardous they can be. When it comes to designing products, it is our environments that inspire us. We celebrate beauty everywhere we see it and this reflects in each of our products.

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How it all started

Nazhia was born out of the love for a child and everything natural. Creative director and co-founder Yuriko, began her journey of discovery in the world of cosmetics from the early age of eight growing up in the Amazon rainforest where she started experimenting with local plants and flowers to create perfumes. She began to fall in love with the end results and eventually took it a step further, researching natural products and how to create cosmetics without using the harsh chemicals that have infested most cosmetic products available on the market today.

In 2017 while living in the Canary Islands, during the course of her research, Nazhia’s first set of products were developed: But First Coffee solid shampoo and conditioner bars. When the brand moved back to Canada, the inspiration of island life remained and the cosmetics line continued to expand. With these exciting new products comes a demand from across the globe. A strong customer base was nurtured early on in Spain and Peru while cultivation has spread to North America and the rest of Europe.

Our goal is to offer people a unique and intimate experience with nature. All of our products are nature-centered and handcrafted from sustainable and guilt free ingredients. Each product and scent transports you into nature while giving you a fully rejuvenated and re-energized look and feel. Our greatest passion is to get you involved in the change for a more healthy, natural and environmentally conscious lifestyle while reconnecting you with nature through our products. Won’t you love to join us in this journey?

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Our promise to you

At Nazhia we are committed to formulating the most natural recipes and formulas that work. While a more natural and healthy lifestyle is what guides us, we know that not all natural things are good for us and not all things made in a lab are bad for us. Poison plants, for instance, can give us severe rashes while mold, which is also naturally occurring and a little bit gross, can potentially be extremely harmful. Actually, mold is the reason why it is so very important to use preservatives in cosmetics since we generally apply them to our very absorbent skin. Thankfully, natural preservatives do exist and these help extend the life of our products, keeping them safe to use on our bodies and contributing no ill effects to the environment. Conversely, we use ingredients which may sound scary but are derived in a lab from natural things such as the coconut or grapeseed oil. We’ve spent years researching our ingredients and formulations so you don’t have to and you can feel confident that our products are harmless to you and our precious environment. Each product has been specially formulated to provide specific benefits and a unique experience with outstanding results.